Often perceived as secondary or simply neglected, the corporate stationary of a brand/company plays a decisive role in the communication strategy and credibility of a company. 

Think if you would trust a company without a brand or with a poorly cared brand image? Most likely the answer is a resounding no.

When starting a business, many people disregard the importance of its corporate visual identity (of which the brand stationary is an integral part) and in doing so they sacrifice the consistency of their brand as they project an unreliable image.


The importance of corporate image


Studies carried out in this area have led to the conclusion that more than 93% of customers (current or potential) value brands that invest in their corporate image, an investment embodied in the development of brand signatures, symbols and logos that are appealing and consistent with the brand's identity and positioning.   

After this process, it is very important that this visual identity visual identity is applied to all communication media of the company/brand, namely the corporate stationery which includes business cards, envelopes, letterheads, notepads, and many other communication supports. Customers appreciate this attention to detail, as it shows that your company invests time and money in building its corporate identity and this signals credibility and robustness.

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Best practices in visual identity creation

When you decide to create your brand's visual identity, there are a number of aspects that must be taken into account because, ultimately, it will be these aspects that will guarantee a final result that not only meets your objectives and expectations but also reflects the true essence and positioning of your brand.   

The first aspect relates to the importance of doing something that is truly differentiating. In today's market, your brand needs to have a reason to exist. It is important that you show your potential and current customers what sets you apart from all other competing companies operating in your industry. To do that, it's critical that you create an eye-catching logo that quickly summarizes who you are as a company. Make sure it's something easily recognizable and different from your competitors' logos. This kind of visual marketing will get you noticed and build your reputation effectively. 


The second aspect postulates the principle of clarity, that is, in order to guarantee credibility with the consumer, your brand needs to have a clear and coherent footprint in everything you say and do. All your brand's marketing communications (whether digital or printed) need to be related in a synergistic way, they need to speak the same language and respect your brand's code of expression, that is, there must be great coherence. From colors and fonts, logo, symbol and slogans (brand signature), make sure that your message is always clear and consistent, otherwise it will confuse the consumer and compromise the identity and credibility of your brand.


The third aspect has to do with building reputation and admiration for your brand through the marketing communication initiatives you will promote. To do this, use all the communication tools that are within your budget and that are consistent with your communication goals and your target audience. Flyers, leaflets, digital marketing campaigns or direct marketing, advertising in conventional media, among others. Activate all these marketing tools to ensure the maximum reach of your brand identity which, if it is differentiated and coherent, will surely be valued both by the public (both external and internal).


Branded corporate Stationary

After building a comprehensive graphic identity, the foundations are laid for a solid brand identity.

From here, all communication initiatives of your company must always be aligned with your corporate identity. 


Whenever you send quotes, proposals, letters, invitations, etc. to a (potential or current) client, all these business communication tools must contain your logo, company colors and designs that are easily recognizable and associated with your brand. Establishing a strong visual identity is important for the success of your business and for the consolidation of your brand in the market, with customers, institutions, public, investors, partners and employees.


Networking and Marketing

Establishing a credible position is critical to retain current customers and gain new ones. The stationary and corporate image affirms your company as a professional, legitimate and trustworthy entity.

When communicating with other companies, corporate stationary is the first thing they´ll notice. It is important to attend meetings with your business card and personalized brand stationery since it portrays you and your company as trustworthy. Quality stationary and corporate branding is the face of your business and therefore should represent your company.

If you want to keep your business at the forefront of consumers' minds, you should invest in business stationary as a marketing tool. Since visit cards and letterheads to envelopes and folders, your business is being promoted consistently and non-intrusively.

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